Wordpress was originally designed for the management of blogs (essentially web-based personal diaries for the uninitiated) but during it's evolution it has become a powerful and flexible way to manage an entire website. Content for a website driven by Wordpress is added through an easy to use web-driven interface that allows an author or authors (since Wordpress supports the option of several people simultaneously working on a single website) to manage both static pages (such as "about" or "links" pages) as well as blog or news page entries.

Behind each website there is a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor incorporated into the interface, meaning that once the initial website design is completed, users aren't required to understand or learn HTML in order to produce well-presented pages. It is also possible to edit both blog entries and static pages after they have been published (as well as delete them), create draft versions of articles that aren't visible to anyone apart from the owner of the website or create entries which are "back dated", leaving Wordpress itself to publish them automatically at the time and date specified.

The Retro Tat website

is driven by Wordpress

Wordpress allows visitors to interact with a website as well, along with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds which allow some web browsers to follow updates to a website automatically, visitors can post a reply to both blog entries and static pages if the owner has the comments feature enabled. Although Wordpress isn't the perfect solution for every situation, for any website that requires the regular updating or addition of content or where blog-based websites it's well worth considering.

The first example of a website created with and powered by Wordpress that is hosted by Enisoc Design is one that was initially developed in order to evaluate the system itself; Retro Tat (see screen grab to the right) was in development for just under two weeks before being launched officially on 1st January 2009 after some of the content had been completed.